Professional capital focused on brand-driven companies with leading positions in specialty markets.

    Middle Market Private Equity

  • We are direct investors in companies poised for growth.

    Our strategy is to partner with strong management teams and together build strategic value by pursuing long-term, sustainable growth opportunities.

    Long-term Capital

    We are patient

    As "direct investors", not subject to the time restrictions typical of a buyout fund, we bring a long-term perspective that centers on building strategic value in our operating businesses and developing our management teams into industry leaders.


    We are personal

    A boutique firm run with only senior partners, our style is both direct and personal. Whatever the issues may be, whether critical timing, deal complexity or confidentiality, we take pride in our ability to always be there, principal to principal, for our partners.


    We add value

    We invest exclusively in companies and industries where, by virtue of experience and industry knowledge, we have a clear opportunity to add value in a way that amplifies our capital investment, and that will make a difference for our management partners.

    From Operators into Owners

    We partner with you

    We describe ourselves as owners, not just investors; and our operators as partners, not employees. Our strategy is founded on this "partnering approach" and our senior managers always “own” their businesses, both by co-investment & equity options.

  • TGV sponsors buyouts and growth capital investments in "just under the radar screen' middle market companies.

    "Our classic transaction is a $10–$50 million buyout where we partner with management and invest up to $10 million of private equity to acquire control of a branded products manufacturer which has the growth prospects to break out into a solid middle-market company."



    Established business in traditional branded manufacturing & service industries, with attractive prospects to grow on to the middle-market radar screen.



    Annual revenues of $20 to $50 million, and sustainable operating profit or EBITDA of at least $2 million.



    Defensible competitive position based on brand equity, cost advantages, market share leadership, or other clear differentiation.



    Professional management team with proven track record, established systems and controls, and significant bench strength.


    Our Portfolio history, in industries such as Outdoor Products and Specialty Foods, demonstrates our strategy: direct investments of our private capital in established companies at the smaller end of the middle market – a strategy we call "just under the radar" investing.

    Founded in 1990, TGV Partners has sponsored transactions ranging from LBOs and leveraged recapitalizations to traditional growth capital investments. Our track record encompasses over $150 million of private equity investments in transactions valued at over $400 million.


    The cornerstone of our strategy is to partner with professional management teams who are aligned with us as equity owners in their businesses. We try to invest exclusively in situations where, by virtue of our experience and understanding, we have a clear opportunity to add value as active owners. TGV Partners operates as a private investment firm and is not constricted by the limited-life structure of the typical investment fund. Together with our management partners, we have the freedom to concentrate on building long-term strategic value in our businesses.


    Today, TGV pursues investments in traditional branded manufacturing & service businesses. We look for established companies, typically with sales under $100 million and strong operating performance, which are proven leaders in their industry segments, yet below the middle-market radar screen – an under-served market where our capital and strategic leadership help make a difference.

  • Our Team

    Experienced Investment Professionals

    Mitchell S. Vance

    General Partner

    Mitch was a founding partner of TGV in 1990. From 1993 to 1998, Mitch was also a general partner of Pacific Mezzanine Investors, a $260 million Mezzanine fund whose limited partners included IBM, AT&T and Pacific Life. During Mitch's tenure, PMI invested over $175 million in 13 companies. Prior to PMI and TGV, he was an associate with the private equity firm of Levine, Tessler, Leichtman & Co. and an investment manager at First Westinghouse Capital Corporation, specializing in mezzanine investments. He received a B.S. from the University of Oregon.


    Mitch has provided strategic management to various partner companies, and, since 1998, has served as CEO and, currently, Chairman of Vantage Mobility International, a manufacturer of mobility products for disabled consumers. He has served as a Board Director of Thompson-Center Arms, VMI, QuickStart, Stratford American, Suiza Foods, and Smarte Carte.


    Geoffrey T. Moore

    General Partner

    Geoff joined TGV in 2001 as a general partner. Prior to TGV, he served as a managing director and general partner of Shamrock Holdings, the Roy E. Disney Family investment company, and related private equity partnerships where he helped source and manage over $400 million of private equity investments. Prior to Shamrock, Geoff was a Senior VP at PaineWebber Investment Banking in New York and Los Angeles, where he participated in corporate finance and M&A transactions with over $2 billion of transaction value. Geoff received a B.A. and an M.B.A. from the University of Virginia.


    Geoff has provided strategic management to various portfolio companies, including as President of Small Planet Foods, the Executive Committees of Shamrock Broadcasting and Olympic Realty, and as CEO for FreeRealtime.com. He has served as a Board Director of Thompson/Center Arms, QuickStart, VMI, FreeRealtime.com, The Grand Union Company, Fantastic Foods, Cascadian Farms, Olympic Realty and Shamrock Broadcasting.

    James W. Giesz

    Affiliate Advisor & Partner

    Jim was a founding partner of TGV in 1990 and continues to be affiliated with us as a senior advisor and capital partner. Jim lives in Colorado Springs, CO and participates in managing Resource Land Holdings, a private equity fund that invests in natural resources properties. Previously, Jim was a principal in Levine, Tessler, Leichtman & Co., and a principal in the law firm of Riordan & McKinzie. Jim received a B.A. and a J.D. from Harvard.

    Lenard B. Tessler

    Affiliate Advisor & Partner

    Len was a founding partner of TGV Partners, who today lives in New York City and serves as Managing Director of the Private Equity Group of Cerberus Capital Management, Inc., a hedge fund manager with over $15 billion of assets under management. Len continues as a Senior Advisor of TGV, as well as a Board director of certain TGV portfolio companies.

    Ryan P Callaghan

    Affiliate Advisor

    As both investor and operator, Ryan Callaghan has extensive experience with middle market companies in a broad spectrum of industries. Ryan was a partner at TGV Partners for 7 years, focusing on acquiring and operating branded consumer products and manufacturing businesses. Ryan was COO at Shoutpoint, a cloud-based, telephony platform provider. Ryan was previously with The Carlyle Group, where he helped form and build the firm’s telecom real estate investment subsidiary, CRG West (now Coresite). Ryan began his career in investment banking at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette where, he directly advised middle market clients in over $1 billion of M&A transactions. Ryan earned a B.A. in Business Economics and Accounting from UCLA.


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